Born 1960 in Sarajevo, on a movie set. Graduated Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. During his studies he directed films that achieved the highest European and world recognition. After his studies he made two TV films and a large number of authorial TV programmes. Simultaneously, he was working in film as a First Assistant Director. His own first feature film Hamburg Altona brings along his first professional awards, but at the same time there comes a war and with it a period of isolation from film for many years. During that time he was engaged in advertising, making commercials, corporate films and music videos. Chasing a Dream is his first film after more than a 20-year break.

Production Company: Fabrika snova, Belgrade

Co-production Company: Balkan Art Centar, Sarajevo

Co-production Company: Factum, Zagreb

Producer: Mladen Mitrović

Co-producer: Nenad Puhovski

Associate Producers: Giuseppe D’Agostino, Davor Pušić

Cinematographers: Zoran Petrović, Mladen Mitrović

Editor: Davor Bosankić

Music: Jadranka Stojaković (songs), Milan Sv. Đurđević (composer)

Sound design: Dubravka Premar

Sound Recording: Zoran Tarabanović, Boris Pušić

Additional editor: Nemanja Babić

Additional camera: Veljko Djurović, Dušan Krivokapić, Uday Shandal,
                            Muharem Osmanagić, Muhamed Čulić, Eldar Emrić