There are life cycles that take you back to square one according to a sequence all of their own. That happened to me after my twenty years of wanderings and the unwitting escape from the thing I loved the best – film.

I was born on a movie set and lived a happy childhood. I came to love the film hanging with my mother; travelling and faraway countries with my father. Awards and recognitions accompanied my films throughout my Film Directing studies and at the beginning of my professional career. And just when the stars seemed closer than ever, the sky above me got overcast, bringing along the war that put everything on hold. I stopped dreaming and started escaping from reality that was suffocating my emotions and distanced me from the film. Though I hadn’t escaped too far, the film and I didn’t encounter each other for twenty years, until the tsunami in Japan, when we collided head-on. That was a point at which my film past, present and future met. What had been taken away by the war, the watery cataclysm has brought back. It all started over Skype when I contacted the woman who had composed the score for my graduation film and who lived in Tokyo at the time. It continued with a wonderful song that took me down the roads of my childhood LIKE A RIVER and I washed ashore where one of the heroes from that film was waiting for me. There were 11 of them and they all were about ten at the time of the filming. The war has displaced them all over the world. Memories and a sudden awakening of emotions after all those years had moved me onto a film journey that I never even thought would take me to four continents and last five years. Travelling through Tunisia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Slovenia and Iraq, looking for my little actors of that time, I tried to find and put together the fragments of a vessel that had been broken long ago and to revive our joint past if only for a moment. Eventually, a genie came out of that vessel, unexpectedly helping my return to the place where I was once put on hold, and continuation of my life with the film.