Yugoslavia broke apart along its ethnic seams in a blood-soaked civil war. The very heart of the country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, suffered the most. This conflict of Bosniacs (Muslims), Serbs (Eastern Orthodox) and Croats (Catholics) resulted in hundreds of thousands of victims and changed the destinies of many people, dispersing them around the world as refugees.

Many years later, a tsunami surge, a recently composed song and an invitation to a high-school reunion party in his native city would start a whole sequence of events that would bring the director back to filming, following years of self-isolation. Wishing to start from the beginning, he decides to find the then 10-year-old actors from his first film, scattered away from their native city by the whirlwind of war. The director embarks on a world tour and while looking for them, hopes to find at the same time the lost fragments of his own past as well. At one point, destiny decides to intertwine their lives and take the journey in the opposite direction, leading all the characters to their collective catharsis along the way.